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Kate Oliver Piña

Yoga, Meditation & Art Teacher


Kate began practicing yoga as a child alongside her mother. She was drawn to the quiet focus, flexibility, and strength she found through yoga practice. The chaos of everyday life faded into the background when she was on her mat. Kate realized the stillness and quieting of her mind seemed to nurture her creative spirit. This still holds true for her today.


"I find when I commit to my yoga and meditation practice, my creativity and joy thrive." ​

If you are seeking to unlock your creativity, if you are looking to calm your energy and build your mental focus, if you are wanting to cultivate a strong yet flexible body and mind - join Kate on the mat.  She will help you cultivate your creative practice through private or group yoga, meditation, and art journaling classes. With over 30 years of personal yoga experience,  a 200-hour yoga teacher training certification, and a Master's degree in education, you can feel confident that you are in good hands on your creative journey.

Photo of Kate Oliver Pina
"Kate is masterful at helping improve trouble areas. I can see my body getting stronger and more fit!"

Mary Scarbrough

"I loved that! I forget how good it feels to stretch. "

Stacey Bundren

"I really enjoyed your class! Great way to start the day!!"

Myra Dunn

"I really enjoyed the yoga classes. They. Are. Good." (Pounds chest like King Kong and walks away.) 

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