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Spiraling Rainbow Art Meditation

Many people use art for meditation. Here in Houston, we have an entire building, the Rothko Chapel, dedicated to the use of art as a meditative tool. To stare at a piece of art, noticing the colors, textures, and composition can be a soothing way to connect with the present moment and focus our attention. The act of creating art can be meditative too. Like yoga, creating can connect our mind, body and spirit in a way that allows us to be fully present in the moment. And being in the moment, our minds focused rather than wandering, is really the heart of meditation.

In that spirit, I invite you to gather a few simple supplies (pencil, eraser, watercolor paper, watercolor paints in red, yellow, and blue, a paintbrush, and tape), and join me in a meditative art practice. This is one you can create again and again using different colors (or the same ones) and have a piece of original art to give to a friend, coworker or family member who could use a little love.

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